Boosted by the support of others working to achieve the same fitness goals and ambitions as you, our group training sessions will help you accomplish things you never thought possible. Pushing you beyond your perceived limitations, group training delivers the motivation and inspiration that you’ve been searching for, and missing, in routine gym fitness classes.

With just three to six people per class, you’ll still enjoy the personal attention and care from your instructor, but experience the motivation and support, that only those that understand your struggles and obstacles, can provide.

Extremely high-energy, each group training session includes cardio workouts, strength training, stretching exercises and core work, delivering an all-over workout that has been proven to deliver unparalleled results. Burning fat and calories while building muscle, your group training sessions promise increased strength, improved endurance and enhanced flexibility.

Find out who you really are and stop relying on the same old excuses. Schedule your first group training class with Charles David Fitness today and start enjoying the benefits of a truly healthy body.