Lasting from 30 to 60 minutes in length, each training session is personalized and highly focused on your specific needs. Intensified to get the most out of your training, your personal session is a mixture of strength-training exercises, cardiovascular routines, core work and stretching. With each workout chosen for your abilities and goals, you’ll enjoy heart-pumping, gut-busting, calorie-broiling exercises that boost metabolism and build muscle at insane rates. Helping to speed your results through motivation, education and encouragement, I promise my complete, intense focus while exceeding your expectations and changing what you think you know about personal training sessions.

Scheduled to suit your personal calendar, each one-on-one session is both flexible and unique, where you, and your health, are the entire focus. As an added bonus, you’ll get comprehensive workouts to complete on days where we don’t meet, keeping you on the path towards achieving your goals.
Don’t waste another minute going to those large, corporate gyms where nobody cares when you come and go, and experience a personal level of personal training with Charles David Fitness. Let my passion be your guide towards optimal health and wellness.